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Providing a solution since 2001

Villa Ramadas is the culmination of five years of work and was founded in early 2001 when Eduardo da Silva returned to Portugal. He had been based in England where he was the Chief Executive of one of the top five treatment centres in the UK and completing his university studies.

VillaRamadas was open officially, at 14th September 2002, by Maria Barroso - the President of the Portuguese Red Cross.

VillaRamadas is located in the central area of Portugal, one hour from Lisbon, and provides different therapeutic units in rural, beach, beach or urban environments. The rest is history…

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Change & Grow ®

We developed and created a new integrative model – Change & Grow – which is based on elements of the current and following theoretical perspectives: humanistic, psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioural and gestalt.

We, in VillaRamadas, bet on a multidisciplinary international team that consists of psychologists, psychotherapists, sociologist, medical resident and life coach.

Our goal is to provide a personal development treatment model with English discipline, to help every individual suffering from the disease of addiction or not, to become self-sufficient in relation to decision making, learning or relearning how to live in a healthy, balanced, confident, dynamic, responsible and stable way.


We are an International private centre that is licensed by the Ministry of Health of Portugal
(I.D.T.) - nº 97/2002
Regulating Entity of Health of Portugal (E.R.S.) - nº E112922
Regulating Entity of Health of Portugal (E.R.S.) - nº E112923
Regulating Entity of Health of Portugal (E.R.S.) - nº E121877
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We are also members of the following organizations:
European Association for the Treatment of Addiction - nº109 8577

The Director of Therapy Eduardo da Silva is also a member of the:
British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy - nº 546670

All our staff comply with the ethics of these organisations and receive ongoing training in their fields of specialisation.

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