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In Villa Ramadas the internment stage is just the beginning of a new kind of life. It is similar to a new driver who has just passed his test and has to take his new skills out onto the busy roads.

After-care or post-treatment is offered for free, not just to any patient who has successfully completed the therapeutic program of Villa Ramadas, but also to all of those who feel the need for such support and which treatment centre has closed.

After-care provides the ongoing care for patients as they return to the reality of life. The group supports the individual in their everyday lives whether looking for work or rebuilding the relationships that have been damaged. It helps the counselling team to identify behaviour or situations that may lead to difficulties or relapse.

Patients who are in their final weeks of residential care also attend the after-care group in preparation for them being given their leaving dates to provide the continuity of care between VillaRamadas and returning to the family.


1- The After Care occurs at the first Saturday of each month, between the 10.00am and 16:00 pm and includes a therapy group and socializing with residents and therapists. All interested parties should arrive until 10.30 am. The ones who arrive after this time could be prevented from participating in the After Care.

2- All participants in the After-care, have to predispose themselves to perform screening tests, if the Staff wishes so. If they refuse to do it or their outcome is positive, they will have to leave the Centre immediately and may be prevented from returning to the Centre for a period of at least 3 months.

3- While they remain in the Centre they are subject to the internal rules and may not bring any kind of objects, clothes, money, etc., for the inpatients, nor use personal mobile phones without a prior authorization by someone of the staff.

4- The group therapy, which begins at approximately 11:00 pm, every person should be aware that:

⁃ has to preserve the confidentiality of the contents of the group and anonymity of everyone, always respecting the opinions of others;

⁃ participate in a dynamic way, give constructive feedback and be responsible for their feelings.

⁃ should be specific, clear and unafraid to ask for help.

⁃ Do not forget that: It is ok to agree that we disagree and every time you ask for help... it will be granted.

Happy Day

In 2002, a dream began.

A genuine and wonderful dream to which has been given the name VillaRamadas.

September 14th is the most desired day of the year by everyone who feel like part of that dream.

Happy Day, the name we attach to this date, is basically a day of meetings and partings, enjoying victories and mourning losses, to feel joy and sorrow, tears and smiles... is the day in which every emotions convey, without fear or shame.

It is a day for sharing feelings in their purest state. It is only when we internalize the shares that are being made throughout the meeting, that we realize the true spirit of VillaRamadas. We are only able to understand it by living it.

When we talk about a centre of treating the disease of addiction and personal development, our first thought was perhaps related to a dark and depressing place. But, in fact, VillaRamadas is the opposite of all this.

In VillaRamadas, all strive to achieve a goal: a new life, free from fears and where they can live in a happy and full way.

Happy Day has the particularity of bringing together the patients still interned with the former patients, now in recovery.

This is a very positive and enriching mixture, as when the patients still interned hear the testimonies of those who have passed the same situation, they gain more strength to continue in their own treatment and assimilate the importance of making the program learned a way of life.

But the former patients also gain with this exchange, because through an insight they realize that, in fact, they achieved a great victory, a fact that also strengthens them and gives them skills to avoid a setback and a possible relapse.

Happy Day is a day where everybody ends winning.

From 10 am to 10 pm, we live twelve hours of pure emotion, where all kinds of experiences are shared, in different languages and everyone, addict or not, can find sporadic or total identification with the stories and the lives, that throughout the day, are being exposed.

After all, we all have a common goal: to live fully, one day at a time, towards the happiness and always with a genuine smile on our face. At the end of the Happy Day, we sing Happy Birthday to VillaRamadas and everybody wish many years of success, to such a special place, where every day someone (re)born.

It's time to go rest, because the next day everyone has to face another day, another 24 hours.

But before this new day comes, it is mandatory to stop, so we can feel and appreciate the "knot" we get in the throat, after living such an intense day of feeling and emotions.

Happy Day is a day that has changed many lives... and one of them was mine.

Let us all make everyday the Happy Day of our lives.

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