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Disease addiction

If you are reading this text, you are probably already involved with someone who suffers from obsessive, compulsive and destructive behaviours and thoughts.

If you are a parent, a partner, a son, a daughter or a concerned friend of someone with this kind of thoughts and behaviours, you already know how destructive, manipulative and dishonest they can be, while its addition is in an active state.

This is because they have an illness that is treatable if they want. They are not bad people. They are ill people or addicts, as they suffer from the disease of addiction, which usually manifests itself through chemical, behavioural or emotional dependencies.

These individuals may, however, be treated if they really want to.

Addition is a strong habit that becomes a pattern. Addition is a progressive disease, which if not treated in time, can be lethal.

Personal Development

In Villa Ramadas every therapeutic interventions point, essentially, to change and to personal development of each individual, regardless of having had problems with addictions or not.

VillaRamadas provides, in its health units, a quiet environment ideal for introspection and self-discovery that generates change and growth.

In VillaRamadas, through the use and application of our own integrative therapeutic model - Change Grow – we orientate those who wish to live in the solution of their problems with customized treatment programs with proven results, a situation in which we are internationally recognized.

In order to have a genuine personal development it is important to learn how to live, not focused on problems but trying to solve of them.

Change & Grow bet on the Change of behaviours and in the inner Growth of the individual, as a way of achieving a healthy, cheerful and positive attitude towards life, capable of empowering its acceptance in respect of all that is happening day-to-day.


In VillaRamadas we offer support to families and to those that are directly related to the individual that is being admitted, because often, they suffer more than the patient.

When the internment is done, it is indicated (to the family and / or friends) a therapist who will serve as a prime contact and support throughout the internment process.

We have a 24 hours helpline for you: +351 262 598 028.

What are workshops?

In Villa Ramadas we promote workshops (informative boards) aimed at the patients' families, where they can expose their questions and ask the professionals about the best way to help their families in post-treatment and social integration.

These workshops also serve to indicate which are the danger signs to take into account, both by relatives and by friends, in order to prevent a setback of the individual that could lead to an eventual relapse.

We encourage and advise families to participate in self-help groups, especially F.A. –Families Anonymous – and/or C.G.A. – Change & Grow Anonymous.

Families Anonymous Contact: Portugal + 351 214 538 709

Information about Change & Grow Anonymous:

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