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  • Addictions


    “Adidictions” tell us about all kinds of dependencies that VillaRamadas care for, with a brief description of each one. We believe the addiction is a strong habit that becomes a pattern.

  • Alcohol


    For most people, alcohol consumption generates little or no risk of becoming an addiction. Many people have a double life, trying to hide the disease and are in constant denial. Read the testimony of an alcoholic and be alert for the signs.

  • Co-dependency


    Co-dependency can be defined as the need to always try to please others, leading to isolate yourself. Dissatisfaction, lack of self-esteem and insecurity are some of the symptoms that you can find in this book.

  • Depression


    Insomnia, lack of appetite, tiredness, sadness and isolation are just some of the symptoms of those who suffer from the disease of the century, which affects young, old, men and women. Be alert to the signs and learn more about this disease.

  • Drugs


    Drug addiction is a major problem in our society. Sometimes the person try it just for curiosity, others to feel integrated and to be accepted in a group. In this book you can find testimonies of former addicts, which show that when you believe and trust, you can change.

  • Eating disorders

    Eating disorders

    This book is about all kind of eating disorders and show that the causes for its appearance are not only related with image. Throughout the book, former patients give their testimony and talk about their experience. Be aware of which signs you must be alert and the consequences of this disease.

  • Embrace Life

    Embrace Life

    "Embrace Life" is a self-help book, with foreword by Dr ª. Maria Barroso, and is destined to every people who want to feel good about themselves. It is a review of several workshops on various topics and its main goal is to leave a message of Love, Faith and Hope.

  • Families


    "Families" is dedicated to all the families that suffer due to the addiction of a loved one. It is based on the testimony of a mother who discovers that her son is an addict. Throughout the book, she talks about all the issues in this process and share her pain, her doubt, her hope, her positivity and confidence.


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