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  • A case of bulimia

    A case of bulimia

    Understand how bulimia acts in the mind of the young and learn with this kind of problem. This cautionary tale can help save the life of a child or youth you know.

  • A drop of life

    A drop of life

    Nowadays, youths are the biggest consumers of alcohol. Through the reading of this tale, learn how to identify the issue and how to stay alert to the consequences of this behavior.

  • Beauty, what you force me to!

    Beauty, what you force me to!

    This is a behavioral risk that afflicts most the young feminine layer - anorexia. Find out its symptoms and prevent that your children fall victim of this affliction.

  • Compulsive self-medication

    Compulsive self-medication

    Here is a story for the young about the risks of self-medication. A dangerous behavior that can have severe consequences.

  • Dangers of a virtual friend

    Dangers of a virtual friend

    This prevention tale, compiled by VillaRamadas team, alerts the youths for the traps and dangers of the Internet. Here is the story of Inês.

  • Drugs? No thank you, I choose life!

    Drugs? No thank you, I choose life!

    Learn how to identify the consequences of the use of drugs in youths and know what drives them to try them.

  • Facing death

    Facing death

    Grief is a transitional process and of overcoming a defining moment. This short-tale shows that if the grief process isn’t properly finished, it can create scars for the rest of one’s life.

  • I cannot live without her

    I cannot live without her

    A tale that explains how co-dependency can be has dangerous as other addictions or other behavioral risks.


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