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Preface of the journalist Alexandra Borges - TVI Journalist

Alexandra Borges

I truly believe that it is in the limit situations that we are surprised by the best and the worst that exist in each one of us. I, who have made the journalistic coverage of some of the greatest world conflicts, remind myself that it was in the war that I awake for that reality. The secret is to be able to reinvent ourselves in each confrontation, to revitalize in each discovery and to accept ourselves in our differences and weaknesses, empowering every aspects, for more negative as, at first sight, they may seem.

What surprised me the most in VillaRamadas Treatment Centre was that restructuring process. The easiest thing to do was to intoxicate the patients with pills. The difficult is what people try to do, every day, in VillaRamadas. Its therapeutic method reinvents people, as most lost as they are. Usually this is a difficult and painful process that, if it is well done, it may revitalize and transform the personality. What matters is to rise strengthened from the ashes and be decided to live.

Eduardo was the only person that I met that was able to transform an anorectic patient that self mutilated herself every day, into a credible and very dedicated professional. All of this is possible because Eduardo likes people, believes in their potentialities and, most of all, can see with his heart.

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