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Damn alcohol

I already knew that alcohol destroys many lives, but it never crossed my mind that it could destroy my father's life... My father was always a very funny person. He was cultured, with an honoured job and values, a good husband and a good father, that make an effort to give the best to its children.

Without anyone knowing, he involved himself in doubtful businesses, and when things went wrong, he had to borrow some money. Debts kept growing and at home no one suspected of anything.

He started to arrive home very late and went straight to bed. He said that things in work were not going well and that it had to do overtime. When he was with the family he had strange behaviours and we realized that he went to bed after all of us. Gradually the bottles that were kept, were turning up empty or simply disappeared.

My mother confronted him, but he denied, until one day the police called. It was not the first time that he was arrested for being drunk, but they always covered him. However, the situation had reached a critical limit and it was not possible to neglect this to the family.

At the end of the day, after getting out his job, my father went from bar to bar drinking and insulting people in the street. I did not want to believe that that was my father, the man who everyone respected...

After a lot of denial, he admitted the alcohol problem and decided to cure himself. Without any kind of doubts, he went on treatment. I already knew the centre work and I also knew that they were the best. My father has already 5 months of treatment and he is close to end it, and he has been exemplary.

He has had an incredible will power, but the therapists did not make his life easy, but he needed that. I am optimistic and I know that soon I will have my father again, the father who I respected and admired.

Thanks to all the team for the good work!

Ana Silva

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