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Dating drunk

My boyfriend was in treatment center and was the best thing that happened to him in life.

Victim of a difficult childhood, seen in alcohol solution to their problems, drunk says he felt free and forget the memories of the past. I met him at age 18, when we became colleagues. I quickly fell in love with his gentle hand and we started a relationship.

Except to the extent that would know better, I was noticing that he never wanted to spend the nights with me and in the morning when he arrived at work with dark circles and came with a terrible smell of alcohol.
For a while I let the situation go, until confronted and denied. But soon my suspicions were confirmed when I called the hospital to give an account of his internment in an alcoholic coma.

I can not hide the situation, confessed that for many years I drank, only that he did it alone, in order to drown the bitterness of life. Decided to help him and asked him who in the name of our love went into treatment.

He accepted, was tired of living in hiding. Recovered and has been sober for 20 months, know that it is a short time, but trust him and trust in the treatment he had. We are not alone in this daily struggle, which we believe we will win. Thanks for the love I have returned.


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