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Overcoming Alcohol

Came to my testimony as a young brother of former alcohol addict.

My brother and I have always been nail with meat, because the age difference was small, just four years. Complicit in everything in life, our way away when I was 19 and he 15. I went to college and he was at school, but our parents divorced and then things got worse.

He started out much at night and get drunk on several occasions. I even find it at nightclubs, drunk and unable to even stand, staggering along the bar. I talked to him several times, but was suffering, separation from our parents was a blow. I tried to help him and pull him to my new group of friends, but in vain.
Hung out with bad company and one day the inevitable happened, he had a serious car accident drunk, endangering the life of a person. They removed him the letter and was arrested. How does my brother, a boy who was super baby, had come to this?

I had to take drastic and ill out of prison, I took him to this treatment center. Although sometimes fled but then returned because he knew that if it were not, would still life in prison.

Gotta win this battle and returned to being the brother I loved. He resumed the reins of his life and returned to nail with meat. Without you none of this was possible. It is true that you "have" much in the head, but he needed to wake up to reality. I also want to thank the support they gave me, because I also got to think that it would not hold. Made it easier ...


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