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Since I've been with my boyfriend, who always thought a person with a lot of anger inside him. At least the situation that bothered him "exploded", without taking into account those who hurt. Our relationship has come to be several times at risk.

But how he loved him, was putting up, but warned that any day was just time. One day, a discussion on, treated me so badly psychologically, they could not stand it and left the house ...

Then gave him a click and sought professional help and have appealed to this center. He called to tell me he was going into treatment, but I still was not convinced that would change, but it was a total surprise when after 7 months comes looking for me to apologize.

Still loved him and gave him one last chance. It was the best I've done in my life ... You are a caring person, understanding, dedicated and more joyful.

This center has changed her life and mine too, because he gave us another chance and has been getting better ...


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