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Feeling the heat

The anger was a feeling that was always present in my life. I can not explain why, but as a child was arrogant and hasty, with which my own parents could not cope.

Sometimes I would turn against them and I even offer them beating, but my father could not control me. My mother was completely dominated by me, the fear he had for me was so great that I avoided at all costs to be alone with me.

I've been in several psychologists, I was in correction centers, but to no avail. One day, already with 17 years hit a group of policemen, I wanted to stop by to be hitting on my girlfriend.

The situation was so serious that the proximity of 18 years, ran a serious risk of being arrested.

Faced with this threat, I decided I had to seek help and the only place that I was able to help this treatment center.
Earlier still confronted some therapists and patients, but eventually fall into place. I finished the treatment for 3 years and feel that I am a new person, it is true that sometimes have tantrums, but I know the track and all thanks to treatment.

Steve, Luxembourg

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