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Anger no limit

At this clinic came back to live and know what was to have positive feelings.

The anger was a feeling that was present in my life since I can remember. Looking back I can not identify the moment that deepened further, I think maybe in my teens, when he was taken by my classmates because of my excess weight. I heard them criticize me, took me over the edge, so that was constantly got into fights. All this led me to the isolation and being a cold and calculating.

My parents, they no longer know what to do to get well, but they were the ones to whom my anger did not apply. I respected them, but still sometimes had excessive attitudes with them. When I went to college remained isolated. Without knowing how to deal with the situation, tried to kill myself a few times and came to be two months in a coma after getting thrown from a bridge. Luckily I survived, I thought at the time by chance. Why do most diets that there was no way to lose weight and how it was not balanced, whenever I felt down, avenged me in food.

All this served to increase my anger, not just to me but also towards the other pessoas.Um day, in these my uncontrollable outbursts of anger, I turned to my parents and only stopped when I saw them both on the ground begging to stop. I found myself and decided I just could not continue. I tried to help nutritionists, but after a few tries I realized that weight loss was more important than dealing with this excess of anger would not let me be happy.

Friendly people showed me the clinic and could not have stated better. Today if I'm happy is because the treatment I did for seven months. Looking back, I do not know how I endured. The truth is that made me a new person, kind, gentle and affectionate. I am beginning to lose weight and also make friends.

Gradually my life starts to make sense and only with the help of this clinic is that this "miracle" was possible.


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