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Anger folding

I had a troubled marriage, which were frequent episodes of domestic violence, but how old women were accustomed to having to endure all sorts of abuse from their husbands, I did. Nobody dreamed of the horrors that I spent at home. Since the leather belt beatings, kicks up the body and even cut with knives.

To my husband I was the "bag" where he lay all your frustrations. I could not succeed professionally and it made him beside himself, so that was drowning his sorrows in alcohol. I was holding me there, but always to suffer in silence. The worst was when our daughter was born. In five years, also began to suffer physical violence by the father and since then never stopped. We did not have the courage to tell anyone, under threat of being killed. It was a nightmare in that house.

With 17 years my daughter left home and the truth is that I was completely upset. I could not have a healthy relationship with her, because deep down she blamed me for letting her father beat. It was hard to see her go, but I know that was best for her. I wish we had a different life ... I was a few years without knowing it, until about a year ago called me. I could not believe. He told me he had been treated for managing all the rage and that he had felt much better. Re-establishing ties with me and wanted me to meet those responsible for change in your life.

And so I met this treatment center, who made a miracle with my daughter. To me, since I used to also deal with the past. I left my husband and moved on, thinking about a future with my daughter. I may have lost some years of my life, but I'm willing to enjoy every day going forward, always with the love of my daughter.

Everything good is happening to me was thanks to you and I have no words how much they did for me, but mainly for my daughter ...

Marina, Portugal

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