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Accumulated anger

A past characterized by severe episodes of domestic violence, marked me in a profound way, I became a person full of anger. My father was an alcoholic and would often come home drunk. At such times it was not the best in me cross his path, but it was certain that eventually locked in the room after suffering maltreatment. Aggression, screaming, bruising, deprivation of food ... are some of the situations that marked my childhood.

It was hard and I lost all the innocence that a child is supposed Tues I could never have a loving relationship and the personal and professional relationships were also a disaster ... I started to feel alone and after being repeatedly confronted with the fact that it is a bad person and very angry at me, I reflected and asked for help .

In this center found the answer to all her anger. Freed it and gradually allowed myself to trust and live one day at a time. Today I have a new outlook on life. It is as if newly born or had never known how to truly live ... I allow myself to love and be loved. Thank you for having endured my attacks and to have made disappear.

I made peace with the world and I am happy!

Diego, Spain

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