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Anger in adolescence

My son was a teenager when he became an aggressive guy, but his behavior worsened from the age of 16. Away from me and his mother barely spoke. When he was not closed in the fourth house, we did not have a clue where he went. Both I and my husband were in constant panic. We did not understand such aggression and where it came from anger.

As a child was a sweet and everyone loved him, such a radical change was strange. We tried to take him to a psychologist, but to no avail. One day he attacked a classmate at school. It was a drop of water and not to suffer no penalty, he was asked to do a treatment to learn to deal with anger. I discovered things I had no idea and I do not know if I wanted to have discovered. My son had suffered an episode of rape by an older man who approached the street and left him unconscious. My son lived with this nightmare and had never revealed anything to anyone.

It was a shock to me and just wanted to do justice, but he did not remember anything about the guy who attacked him. My heart was very small. My boy lived with this shame and had never spoken.

In this treatment center helped him not only to overcome this tragedy but also to deal with the anger that has accumulated. My boy has returned to the child docile of other times, they walked for some time lost. Our relationship has gained new contours and only having seen him smile, after so many years of suffering, was the best gift you could ever have asked.

You are special.

Paula, Portugal

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