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Anger loving

Today I admit I've always been an angry person, but mostly with the injustices of life. But make me a person with anger issues in excess, was something that was far from imagining. Especially because I was always a kind person and very sociable.

A grief of love has made me a different person and more bitter. Five years ago I was in a relationship with a person that did everything. I thought I was serious and that one day constituiríamos family. The wedding was scheduled and I walked thrilled with the preparations would have the wedding of princess you've always dreamed of. He walked in the clouds and some changes in mood or my boyfriend, let me insecure. Only the day before the wedding I received some anonymous photos of my fiance kissing another woman. I fell upon the world disgusted and canceled everything. From there I could not trust anyone else and became a "well" of anger ...

Whenever a man approached me, I was in the attack, leaving no room to anyone. Until I was charmed by a person who challenged me and even my style with this hard, I accepted. We started dating and when we wanted to take a step more serious, he asked me to do a treatment to control my temper tantrums. I decided, because I liked him too. That's how I started my treatment and I returned to the person calm and kind of old.

But we still got more, because here I actually met and realized that it was necessary to be happy. Slowly return to my life, unafraid of the future and always with a positive spirit. I know I am not alone and here I always have a friendly word.

I love you!

Johanna, England

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