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My dear

Life sometimes surprises us so that we do not know how to handle certain situations. I always knew that there are people who have a high level of anger, but then to be a disease that needs treatment was far from imagining ...

My boyfriend is a very affectionate with me and the people we are close. Always willing to help, was praised by my friends and family. They said they had found the right man, though with much disappointment I had in life, it cost me to believe it, but gradually I was convincing myself that I was living a fairy tale.

However, this situation was changing. Whenever you go out with him and there was a conflict, he was completely out of control and offended everyone, not mince words. It was intimidating the person that turned. I was afraid to call him the reason and when he was calmer, tried to talk to him about the situation, had a tantrum and screamed at me. I was afraid that one day the thing was more serious and that's what happened.

In a fit of rage on the road, hit an elderly person and then when he came to help police also tried to hit them. Glad I was not present in this situation, but would feel badly. He called me from the squad. He had a suspended sentence and was required to do community work, and he had to deal with its problem of excessive anger.

After some research on the Internet, we found that the clinic helped people with this problem and many others and realize that it would be a good investment, since the success rate was very high. He agreed and began treatment. Although some armed conflicts, but the therapy helped him to shape his personality. He tried to quit, but I made him an ultimatum: either the treatment or fulfilled our relationship would end. He went and made the six months successfully. Upon leaving, we decided to take a step forward and we were living together. It has been very positive and it is to praise how the clinic has done for him and for us. Our relationship has only grown from day to day and face one day at a time.

So I decided to follow this philosophy and believe ... performs miracles.

Paula Santana

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