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Rebellion excess

My name is Patricia, I am 27 years old and a "well" of anger.

I had a troubled childhood in which I came to be sexually abused by a friend of my parents. The relationship between my parents was not easy, as the days went up to attack, not only verbally but also physically.

With 14 years was a rebellious girl, feared by classmates. Where there was confusion, there I was hitting at all. Always ended up hanging at home and the years passed I always use no school. With 16 years had no respect for my parents and also got involved in fights home.

It was a measure of power, which in most cases I won, because even my parents had feared. He walked with the rebels, consumed illicit drugs, went into schemes of robbery ... was a true marginal. I could always get away, but one day the police caught me red-handed and I "I turned" them. They arrested me and after going to court, wanted to take me to a shelter. My parents despite everything I had done them, will not allow it and blamed himself for me.

It was determined that would have to be treated because it was not normal to have so much anger inside me. I suggested counseling, but refused. Until I was introduced to the clinic as an alternative, which pleased me more, despite knowing it would be at least six months at the clinic.

I went in and tried to create disturbances, only that I was just told that my bad behavior would not be tolerated. What pleased me most was that even though I be rude people instead of away from me, tried increasingly to be my friends. Gradually, I created bonds of friendship and began to realize the value of small things I went through to the next. My family relationship came into being.

When I finished my treatment, I felt it was a good person in life, willing to amend the problems of the past. Created bonds of friendship and family and now consider myself a person integrated into society.

The clinic made me realize that life is too valuable to waste and that all negative feelings we may have, must be channeled to do good things and the truth is that he knows very well ...


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