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The black sheep of the family

I always was one very angry at everything and everyone. I could not understand this feeling of revolt, but the truth is that would eventually make me a bad person and hated by many.

Always maldisposta and evil in life, was never in the mood to help anyone. Friends who had moved away (as I understand them well today), the family was putting up with me there, but were increasingly distant from me. It was "persona non grata" and I even liked it, thought it gave me power, when in fact isolated myself more and more.

People fed up of my attacks of temper, they stopped talking to me, so that when I came to, was all alone, but even so I'm not going down. At family gatherings, no one spoke to me and moved away from me. I was the "black sheep" of the family. When someone approached me on the street, I responded abruptly, so that even when I had a situation with the police, always ended up at the police station, after the offense and, sometimes, physically attacking.

But everything changed in my life when I had a car accident that led me to be hospitalized for more than two months. Rarely was visited, only the same family and were never over 15 minutes. Then I started to feel alone and helpless. Rethought in my attitude and realized I had a problem of lack of control of anger. Admit this situation to my parents and asked them for help. They had heard of a case of those who had entered the clinic.

They tried everything and when I left the hospital I went straight for treatment. I created some conflicts at first, but with certain cautions, changed. Also recently finished treatment, but I feel like a new person. I am still dealing with some strange sensations such as peace of mind that I feel, but the truth is that it is very good and for the first time I am willing to fight to get something good in life.

Fátima Durão

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