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Uncontrollable rage

Life always taught me that people should be responsible, hardworking, committed, dynamic, with values, because one day we would end up being recognized. Always follow these maxims throughout life and I was getting away.

I graduated in the media and went to work for an audiovisual production company that made an entertainment program. I had five years of experience in producing other, but here the proposal was more attractive and a great opportunity to grow professionally. Do not know any of my colleagues, but soon made friends with everyone. How much unity there were few.

The challenge was attractive, which improved things. I've always been a quiet and thoughtful person and so I went for the first three years, until suddenly the team coordinator was replaced by a person arrogante.Tive just a bad impression and quickly realized that would give me problems. As I do not tack on lobbyists, I was soon part. I learned that this chief went to boycott my work on my back, and as such, confronted him in a peaceful manner. We had a discussion unique and from there I became a worse person.

Today I recognize that, because after this episode, I lost all the ingenuity that characterized me and started talking to people aggressively. Nobody recognized me and people even feared me. After some time I changed jobs and there was implacable. He could not trust anyone and had constant tantrums, being completely transformed. One day I had an attack so strong that I ended up looking in the mirror and I could not recognize. He had a lot of anger inside me and I was losing part of my essence. I had to do something.

After some research, this center has emerged as the most appropriate help. After informing me, I went into treatment and immediately felt that here would be understood and that there was still hope. Six months have been of much reflection, but also a lot of learning. I learned to be balanced and deal with life's adversities. I confess that at times I wanted to quit, but knew that if he did, hardly again be the same as before, that girl that friends, colleagues and family worshiped.

Just know that my whole outlook on life has changed and today I am genuinely happy and I'm aware that without this treatment, none of this would be possible. I love me and accept me.

Carolina, Italy

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