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Co-dependency maternal

My boyfriend's mother suffered from co-dependency of children. They were incredible manipulations that made the children to always have around, and even undermine them love life. Despite only having attended this situation for two years was enough to realize that many of the romantic dramas had in the past. Who was to endure a possessive mother with the children? What's worse is that they "let themselves roll" in the schemes of her, without realizing that it was just her schemes. If the children told him they were going out, she invented that did not feel well and I felt I would faint if they did not do anything she asked, once said that he was fragile and could not make an effort ... With girlfriends then, was the completo.Nunca like any movie, no shares were all one huge and arrange training schemes to prevent them from leaving with them. But then, did things so well, I could do is dear to them, but came back even invented lies, like: "Oh she said she was not in her plans to have children with you" ... And the Amid all this, there they were getting themselves, but without realizing the manipulation of the mother. But the youngest was studying away from home and the oldest was living alone. How should imagine was the drama, made up of a patient about to die and was constantly in their home, giving them no space. Until I came up in the life of my boyfriend and I soon realized all these schemes. Tired of such manipulation could wrap it in their own lies, making the children realize that she had a disease, but it was not terminal, was co-dependency. After some research, I managed to take my boyfriend and brother to the center, to get more details on this issue. Made them a click and said to his mother, who only maintain a relationship with her, if he entered treatment. It was a drama, but after much barafustar, there has agreed to enter treatment. I do not believe in miracles, but here was a treat ... Finished looked like a new person. Balanced and willing to take the rest of life. Immediately planned a Mediterranean cruise. The children could hardly believe, but they are super happy with these changes. Now yes, can have a healthy relationship with her mother.

Raquel, Portugal

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