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Co-dependency suffocating

My mother suffered from co-dependence on me. An only child, was raised with a silver spoon, with all the love and care imaginable. It was a real princess. I was growing up and being "perfect": good grades, good friends, good athlete, good daughter ... I walked with my mother everywhere, even accompanied her on shopping for home. We were very close, only I got older and things have changed, or should have changed, but for her não.Entrei at the University of Minho and the scandal was, needless to say my mother was against me getting to live to 400 miles home. Do not let me go and enrolled me in private education. I had already made ​​a proposal to go to work abroad again opposed. Then I had the courage and said he or she was the daughter or lose ... Disgusted, was a day to this treatment center and has not returned. It was the best we could have ever happened. I went abroad two years, returned and our relationship is wonderful. Even her relationship with my father improved. Furthermore it has become active and has a volunteer. Co-dependence is controlled and it is clearly happier.

Matilde, Portugal

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