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Depression lurking

The end of a relationship is not always easy, especially when still like the person. My son was much affected when the girlfriend with whom he planned to marry within 6 months from one moment to another, decided to cancel everything. He did not understand why, because she swore her feet together that there was no one but he had simply ceased to love him and he felt a "brotherly love". He begged for the love of it, chasing it, made ​​scandals, not realizing that this only mais.Consegui take you away to a psychiatrist who prescribed lots of medications, which left him constantly tired and sleepy. Using this as an excuse, eventually losing the job. Friends (who after all were not) away from him. The days were spent in the room, never taking his pajamas. I tried to help this center and here were all formidáveis.O my son went into treatment and regained the will to live and shine in the eyes so that I praised. It still hurts when he speaks of the past, but accept that you know pain. I feel that I became stronger and he returned to believe that it will be very happy. Thank you and kiss Strong!

Josefina, Grecce

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