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Double depression

In a new suffered depression due to a loving and grief after having been a mother, was my daughter's turn to suffer from depression. She had an affair eight years ago, that met in full. The wedding plans were already being designed. Thrilled with the preparations went dead. Thinner eye seen, but the joy he felt, would not let me warn you. With everything ready, church marked, fifth at the glass water-chosen, confirmed guests, could not himself with joy. The one month of marriage, the groom said they needed to have a serious conversation. She thought she had exceeded the ceiling set for the wedding, but ultimately it was much more serious than that. He no longer wanted to marry, was in love with another person with a relationship that held a few months ago, but already it was impossible to hide, since this would have a loving son. It was as if the world fell on her. He could not have the strength to cancel things. He put in low work and locked himself in his room crying for days. The friends went to visit her, but she did not received them. It had been a blow too hard. In the first two months do not leave home. When he left was to have a consultation on a "witch," which would feed the hopes, leaving her so addicted to the consultation, which ended with all their savings. Not seeing results, he gave up. He tried to kill himself several times, but luckily I was always on time. He refused any help. I no longer knew what to do to help, until I remembered seeing a program how it had helped a young clinical depression. I informed myself better and brought it to deception to know the clinic. She initially wanted to leave, but before the friendliness and straightforwardness of the therapists felt challenged. Went into recovery, with mood swings. Gradually he began to gain self-esteem, then smiled again and create goals. When he came out like a new person. He returned to work, has resumed old friendships and decided he would be happy. Continues to live with me and when I feel going down, I give you a hand. I also freed myself from my depression that had never been treated. This clinic gave us a new lease of life and therefore will never forget how important were and still remain.


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