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Hashish Addict

My brother was an hashish addict and, for several times, he offered me joints. He and his friends went to our home when our parents were in business trips, got drunk and smoke that crap all night.

We had several arguments and he always called me old fashioned. Hashish ruined my relationship with my brother. We became opposites, we set aside, we have argues and he was always saying that hashish is a light drug that did not harm him. Despite being two years younger than him, I was always concerned in having information about this problem. That is why I became Psychologist.

Today my brother is schizophrenic, but he is in recovery since two years. Our relationship is gradually being rebuilt, but today I do not hear his promises, I just look to his courage acts and how he managed to change his lifestyle.

We lost our father, but I know that he is proud of my brother.

Ana - Braga

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