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Damn bulimia that I would destroy my son! It may seem like an aggressive start writing my testimony, but could not do otherwise ...

Bulimia emerged in the life of David three years ago, when he started gaining weight uncontrollably, after leaving the football practice.
The entry into university life robbed him of the time free, so the football, it was just fun for him, went into the background. It was a quiet decision that had the support of the family. Hardly we thought it would be a decision that would change his life so drástica.O David began to gain weight, did not do sports and spent part of the time at home studying for exams. The weight gain was evident and he knew it.

He still did some warnings and the fact is that shortly thereafter began to lose weight uncontrollably. No one realized what was happening, but he said it was coming from college on foot, having given up the bus. Of course we support this decision, but ultimately it was a lie and come to know the real reason when he was found passed out on the doorstep.

David was bulimic, so he needed urgent help. Forwarded by friendly people, came to this treatment center. Of which weighed 40 pounds in six months of treatment now for 60 pounds. Not only we noticed great improvements both physically but also psychologically.

David became a young confident and full of self-esteem. You are in recovery for a year, it is still early to cry victory, but every day we celebrate the small fights he will fighting and winning.


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