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My daughter is a recovering anorectic

I am a father of a young woman with an eating disorder. It all started six years ago when I realized that my daughter was dealing with the bad food, or because they ate too little or eating too much and vomited. Mother and I started to control everything she ate and so began a period of great unease family.

Our monitoring has proven to be completely useless, because there was no positive trend in eating it, and even dangerous, for it, desperate, made ​​a suicide attempt.

It sounded an alarm bell! I slept whole days! One day my daughter confessed that a tunnel was dark and cold, which could not leave alone.

At that time VillaRamadas emerged as the light at the end of the tunnel. A new treatment - Hope is reborn. She suffered much, but began to believe it was possible to leave that hell is the obsession for food and uncontrolled won!

Just for today is in recovery.

José Pinto

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