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Gambling addict

It is incredible the power that an addiction can have and I know what this means, because my husband was a gambling addict for more than seven years. There are things that happen in life that we can not explain and this addition is one of them.

Paulo was my greatest love. We started dating when I was 16 years; we’ve got married at 25 and had a son at 30. We had a life that many people considered perfect. We did not argue. Our relationship was strong, but with my son’s birth it got stronger. I thought very often how lucky I was, but I discovered that it was not so.

Paulo was spending less and less time at home and I made him aware of that, but the answer was that it was because of his job. By that time I was unemployed and so I accepted, but one day we received a letter of a credit institution with a liquidation statement of 27 thousand Euros.

I could not believe it, so I decided to call the customer’s support and they informed me that he had many loans in that institution. When he arrived home I confronted him, but he lied to me: “it was to solve some problems in the work ". I was very innocent and so I believed.

After some time I went to the bank to withdraw some money from a savings account of mine, where was part of the inheritance that my parents had left me, but there was nothing. My husband forged my signature and lifted everything. One more confrontation, more lies.

I decided to follow him. He was supposed to be in a business dinner, but instead of that I found the answer for the disappearance of so much money: he was a gambling addict. He was no longer able to lie. I threatened that me and our son would leave him, and then he promised to recover.

After 5 months he was a different person. He dedicated himself to me and to our son. He continues to have the support of the centre whenever he feels down and he has been doing a giant effort to not relapse.

I know that it has not been easy for him, but with his new humble attitude he asks for help and follows suggestions and even I learnt to follow the advice: one day of a time.


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