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Gambling? No, thank you…

I am here to give my testimony, as a mother of a young man completely addicted on cards game, specifically, poker. This game that seems to be in vogue, turned my son into an addict and made him sell all the things that he had. I realised that things started to disappear from his room, but he told me that he was gathering money to buy the necessary material to become DJ.

But time was going by and the room was almost empty and there was no sign of the material that he had told me. He spent nights awake, due to the excessive consumption of coffee. His nervous system got altered and he was always shivering. He was frightened with this situation and so he had a serious conversation with me. He said that he was a gambling addict and that he needed my help. Some friends told me about this centre and he started the treatment. It were 6 months of suffering, but at each month the improvements were worthwhile. He recovered and established some life goals. In here, besides being treated, he became a responsible young man, with a point of view about life. They were tireless and I will never forget that...

Joaquina, Cape Verde

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