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Internet addiction

Despite having 28 years old, I was not able to behave myself and I was caught by the blogosphere.

Initially I mocked whenever someone spoke to me about blogs, because I thought that no one had the patience to do this, but when I realized I already had my own blog. I swore to me that I would only write when I had spare time, and that I would not let it affect my personal life.

The worst is that I was not able to control myself and soon I had all my relationship described in the blog. I was having a troubled phase in my relationship and I was revealing my feelings and thoughts in here. I wrote huge testimonies that took me all night. At the time of going to work I was powerless and apathetic. My boyfriend discovered the blog and read what I wrote. He broke up with me and at work I was warned because of the lack of attention.

I was already addicted and I was only able to go to sleep after 3 pm. I was with a miserable face and I was about to have a nervous breakdown. Luckily my parents were attentive and helped me. They sent me to this treatment centre and I was reborn here. I was a person with no life and I here I start to dream again and I realize that my internet addiction was not healthy.
I had friends again and I managed to recover my relationship. Without your help, today I would still be, for sure, a prisoner of the blogosphere.

Yara, Madrid

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