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The damaging effects of the Internet

My husband always liked new technology, so whenever something new arrived he was always on top of events.

By that time, the Internet was the best invention that could have happened to him. Initially even I used it, but always with educational or work purposes. He used the Internet for everything, even for shopping. I was against, but he was so fascinated that he did not listen my advices. He was spending more and more the time at the computer.

If we already had few time to be together, then with the internet in the middle, the situation has worsened dramatically. The short period of time he was home was on the Internet, whether he was in the room or in bed, the laptop was always with him. He used to fall asleep with the laptop on his lap. We stopped having contact and he began to also have problems at work.
I put up with this situation for two years, because we had a child together, and I did not want to hurt my son with the divorce. I was holding on, until one day I made an ultimatum: either I or the internet. I did not ask to stop surfing the net, but I just wanted him to do it in a balanced way. To make the situation worse, he lost his job, because he was not focused, and was constantly arriving late. His life was a chaos and he had to make a decision, but very quickly.

I told him about this centre and without alternative he agreed to treat his Internet addiction. It was hard to regain confidence in him, but with the evolution that I was seeing on each visit that I did, I was confident that we would have a happy ending. The entire therapeutic team supported us, as well as other patients. Even I felt part of the treatment. In there I was treated as a family and all the love they showed, went to my husband.

The truth is that our relationship is good and has improved substantially, as had never been. Thank you for everything you did for us...

Manuela, Castelo Branco

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