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The hidden web

I decided to give my testimony, because it could be important to alert people to the dangers of the internet. It is true that the internet is a great tool, but we must know how to use it wisely. My daughter asked me to install the internet at home, because it was useful for school works. With such a justification, I could not refuse her request, but I did not know that she would use it for everything, except for the school. Apparently, she signed up in dating sites and met with several boys. She spent nights without sleeping and her grades decreased drastically.

In one of those meetings she got very scared, because the boy locked her in the car and wanted to abuse her. Luckily she managed to escape and when she got home, she told us everything and confessed being addicted to the internet. He asked us for help and was admitted in the centre.

She identified herself with some patients, which helped in the treatment. Besides having treated her addiction, she became a woman. Her mother and I are truly proud of her, because here she became the person we wanted. It has been lovely to watch her evolution...

Bruno, Bélgica

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