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Waking up to life

Mourning is a word that I wish not to know the meaning, but the truth is that I had to deal with it very early.

With only 3 years I lost my father, victim of a car crash. By that time, I did not understood what happened and therefore I accepted the situation. Meanwhile at 16 years my mother died with a heart attack and two years later was my brother with an overdose.

I was handed to my uncle and aunt, who always gave me much love, but these recent losses, damaged me in such a way, that I lost the will of living. I gave up of the school, gathered to bad companies, and stopped sleeping at home, wandering in the streets adrift. I made several attempts of suicide, but luckily none worked out.

My uncle and aunt were despaired and looked for solutions and it was when this centre appeared in my life and returned to me the will of living.

Here I realized that life has so much to give and that we need to be able to exceed the bad moments, which only serve to strengthen us. I recovered my life and with the teachings that I had along the treatment, I am certain that I am still going to be happy and to make happy the one who surrounds me …

Vanessa, Spain

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