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Goodbye, mother...

We know that nothing is certain but death, but dealing with it is difficult. The death of my mother was one of the hardest situations that I had to face.

We were always very close and friends. Our relation was incomparable. She was always there for me, in good and bad times. Suddenly I was alone. She died after being runed over and I was not there to help her…

Whenever I got home, there was no place where I felt good, everything reminded me of her. I locked myself in my room crying for days. I gave up school and I spent the day on pyjamas. I lost a lot of weight.

My father was desperate and he stopped this self-destruction. He asked me to do a treatment, because he did not want to loose anyone else and he would not stand the pain. When I heard him, I decided that I had to react.

I entered in treatment and six months later I was a new girl, full of courage face life and to deal with my mother’s death. My relation with my father got strengthened and I returned to school.

Some times, life tests us, but it is necessary to have the strength to surpass it and it is not a shame to ask for help. I asked for it and it was the best decision. Thank you for everything!!!


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