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Cold death

In that winter evening my husband was driving at 180 km/h and I was screaming with him to reduce the speed…

We had a quarrel in that morning, despite our life in the last ten years was apparently perfect. I told him “You are going to kill us all!”. He was angry and it seemed that he speeded up more and in that tight curve the car slid…

I was in shock when the nurse in the hospital said to me that my 3 years old daughter had died. It was the beginning of my worst nightmare. I blamed my husband. I did not want to give her clothes; I was always in her room, watching her photos. I took refuge in alcohol, pills, shopping and nothing relief my pain.

I am divorced, I have lost my daughter but I was able to save myself. These last four years, in which I have been doing my mourning process, have been intense, painful but gradually I feel with more hope to face my daily life.

Everyday I have to work to forgive myself. Everyday I have to accept that I can not change the past. I stopped surviving and I am starting to live again. Thank you!

Jackine J. - Bélgica

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