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Early death

Death is always a delicate issue, but sometimes it is good to talk about it to understand that the only thing that we have to do is to accept it.

The worst is when we see that someone close to you is killing itself slowly and on purpose. My testimony talks about this. I almost lost my sister, because she could not accept the death of her only child, victim of a brain tumour.

It was awful when the tumour was diagnosed, but with the treatments that exist nowadays, the family was optimistic, as also the boy. During two years he did chemotherapy sessions and if sometimes it seemed to be working out, others left us without hope. We live in this torture for two years, until my nephew with only seven years died. If it was hard to me and still hurts, I could not imagine my sister’s pain.

I do not have children yet and I could not give the real value to this loss. As if his death was not enough, to watch my sister falling apart was terrible. She did not want to live; she spent the days at home, completely distant from everything and everybody.

Whenever I could I was present and I visited her, but it was no use. I realized that for as much as I could say to her, she was not reacting. Luckily she decided to fight.

She gained strength and asked for help. She was reborn.

Whenever I visited her I saw differences in her and it was great. They did wonders for her and also for the rest of the family, who used these visits to speak with the therapeutic team.

They were always nice and available to help us dealing with the situation and with my sister. I strongly advise people that have troubles to ask for help to this centre.

I only have good things to say about it. Today my sister is smiling again and defined life goals and now she already talks about the possibility of having another child.

Thank you for everything that you did and still do for us


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