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Loss of the loved one

I am going through one of the most difficult times of my life.

My husband died almost a year ago, with a stroke. The man who was a force of the nature and who helped me in everything was not able to win this fight. All that was left was an enormous void. 32 years of companionship, dedication, complicity and love finished in a second.

When I arrived home and saw him lying on the floor was a tremendous shock. I lie beside him and cried for several hours until my oldest son arrived. The following days were terrible. It has been a painful mourning process. When I am at home, I am always hoping for my husband to come in.
I know that it will not happen, but I am still assimilating the reality. As I was not able to deal with such pain, I decided to try VillaRamadas, after some relatives advised me. In fact, if it were not the therapists I would not be alive right now.

They are the ones who help me to ease the pain and to realize that I have to continue living, because I still have much to do. I want to see my children doing well in life, I want to have grandchildren, I want to be able to laugh as I did it before (my husband loved my smile)…

The mourning process must be the most painful that exist. There is no such pain as worst as the one of losing someone that was part of us, but it is to this pain that we must hold on to fight for life. I still have much to learn, but I also know that I have to follow my path and it is because of this that I wake up everyday with positive thought. I know now that I will always have to deal the mourning. I want to learn how to accept it and the therapies have been fundamental. If today I am rising up, I owe it to the support of the therapists.


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