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Lost love

Two years ago I have lost the love of my life and managing to exceed this loss has been a daily struggle.

Besides being my husband, he was my best friend, my companion … We were together for ten years, but it seemed that we were with each other since ever. We were able to understand what was on one another’s mind just with a glance, a gesture, a sigh. It was the perfect relationship, which unfortunately did not had time to bear fruits.

It is sad to look back and to realize that it was so much to do and to say. I cannot say if I will be able to give myself in the same way I did. What is harder to accept is the fact of him having died in such an unexpected form with a heart attack, when he was a vigorous man, always practicing sport and with a healthy nutrition.

I spent the first five months after his death closed at home, in our room and with our memories. It also wanted to die … I was in a deplorable state, but I had my friends' support who stimulated me to do a treatment to learn how to deal with the mourning.

And this was how I I knew the Centre and its whole life philosophy. It was one of the best experiences that I had in my life and I am never going to forget all that they did for me.

In the beginning, I confess that I thought about giving up many times, because it was too hard to deal with such pain. Gradually I heard histories of people who were passing by the same suffering as I and together we managed to help ourselves. The death of someone is always a delicate subject.

At the end of six months of treatment I decided that when I returned home I would do something different and I would fight for my dreams. I found courage to live abroad and work in an area that always motivated me: psychological support to needed children. It is from Mozambique that I write this testimony with so much love.

It would love that my husband was here with me, but I bet that he certainty is proud of all these steps that I have been giving.


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