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Meaningless life

My mother’s death left my father wrecked. They were used to each others’ company and when she died, it seemed that he did not know who to live.

It was a painful death and it still hurts to talk about it. I had my husband and my children to support me, but my father had no one, he was alone. They were a very happy couple, always in parties, tours and dinners with friends.
The 30 years of marriage were very happy. Since the moment he saw himself alone, he got lost, without knowing how to do anything at home alone.

He stopped going out and he did not want to be with anyone. Gradually his image was languishing and getting older.
Me and my brothers told him to ask for help, because he was still young. He was exhausted and he entered in VillaRamadas, initially just for a month to gain strength, but he felt that the treatment was doing him so well that he decided to stay for six months.

He returned home and he got occupied and despite still missing very much my mother, he is now able to survive and to live.


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