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Painful death

To reach the end of our life must be very sad, but it is worst when we are young and still have so much to give.

Recently my best friend lost his girlfriend, victim of a breast cancer. As I always followed up their relation, I understood perfectly the despair of my friend. They had so many plans, so many things to say and to feel …

Without being able to deal with this feeling of loss, he spent the days in the cemetery, at his girlfriend’s gravestone, speaks to her and made a worshiping temple of the room.

His life had no meaning and he was suffering a lot. In less than two months it seemed that he had aged ten years. He no longer cared about himself: he did not shave his beard, had long hair, dirty clothes...

I always admired him, so I decided to look for help and it was here that I managed to bring him back to life. At the beginning he resisted, but gradually my friend was coming back.

Despite having finished the treatment just two years ago, I know that he can already deal with death and that he learnt a life lesson…

Vera, Mozambique

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