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The pain of losing a son

Four years ago I lost the reason to keep on living: my dearest son. I have heard many times that there was no such pain as the one of losing a child, but I always underestimate it. I could not imagine what was going to happen.

My ten years old boy had a serious car crash and died immediately. When someone called me and told me what had happened, I did not want to believe. I only realised what was happening when I went to grab his personal belongings… My boy would never return home…Everything stopped making sense and I took refuge on my husband during the mourning process.

However, he who was my pillar lost his strength and stopped living.
Gradually I realised that I had not only lost my son, but also my husband. He told me constantly that he could not handle the suffering and he even talked about suicide. The lack of interest made him lose his job. He spent the days lying, without eating or seeing the day light …

I was a mess and I had to be in constant alert. It was a mourning process with too much suffering. I spoke with friends who told me about VillaRamadas and I went there to find some answers. My husband started to have support soon and in a short period he regained the joy of living and he was with more courage and strength.

He taught me to see the good things of life and to face the death of our boy. We established new projects for our life and recently we were parents again. This baby will never replace our little boy, but at least help us dealing with the pain. Besides that we still do mourning therapy at the centre and we are aware that it is in these appointments that we earn some courage.
Ask for help and live one day at a time, even if it cost you. The ones who have left would not like to see you in so much pain…


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