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Two lives were reborn

It is with great satisfaction that I write this testimony, because everything went well.

Four years ago I have lost my brother and my sister in law in a car crash in Switzerland, where they lived. It was a tremendous shock, but something very bad started that day… My two nephews, Sara with 18 years old and Pedro with 21, were orphans and they were never able to deal with the situation.

They became insurgent young’s, living in a country that they had adopted how being their own. Sara started to drink so much, that she lost control and wandered in the streets offering her body to the first man that appeared. I can only thank God of her never having caught any disease.

The brother started using to the drugs, first the light ones, but fast the heaviest spoke loudly. The two were living without rules, far from everything and everyone, totally alone and by their own. I could not allow such destruction; I could not lose them also...

I went to Switzerland and there I looked for help for the two, but it seems that nothing was working out. There was always something that was preventing them from moving on. I was not able to do that alone, so I managed to bring them to Portugal, where they stayed with me. My wife told me about VillaRamadas, she said that she had already seen a few reports of the centre in the television and that it had great credibility.

I called immediately; I gathered information and visited the centre the next day. In less than one week, Sara and Pedro began the treatment. They felt welcomed. It was very interesting to discover that there were patients of several nationalities in there.

Besides the treatment, Sara and Pedro also strengthened the bonds between them. Me and my family also learned very much.

Thank you for everything. We will be eternally grateful!

Ribeiro family

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