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Obsessive ills

My sister and I have a difference of only two years. As such, we grew up together and sharing a room. Complicit in everything, even when it was to clean the room we were in tune. Everything changed when they reached 18 years and started taking a course of professional support to the elderly. Came home worn out, but still cleaned the room from one end to another and did it every day. After cleaning, is stuck in the fourth bath over two hours. The clothes had to be all washed, refused to repeat clothes that I had used. Moreover, implied to me constantly, having become insuportável.Os my parents were constantly separate us. When we had a moment of calm, told me about the horrors elderly. They were shocking things I saw and I had to do, but there was a moment that had marked and which he repeated every day, was cleaning an elderly, who died in her arms and fell upon her. Oddly enough, it was from that moment that she developed an obsessive attitudes typical compulsivo.Incentivei her to ask for help from a specialist in disorders of this type, but needless to say I did not. The truth is that every day that passed was increasingly difficult to live with it. Was four hours a day locked in the bathroom to disinfect themselves. I found absurd and decided to see what was happening. He was lying on the ground, lifeless. Inem I called and was hospitalized. He had the body in blood, with deep wounds of both esfregar.Esta situation had to end and was so entered treatment. It cost him much in the first month, but thereafter was always evolving. Dealt with the tormented life and rebuilt. Changed the profession and returned to share the room, but a healthier way. My sister is back and I could not be more than grateful for everything you did for her. They are unique!

Catarina, Portugal

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