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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are three words that emerged only a year ago in my vocabulary. The death of my mother left me completely lost. We had a great connection and I confess I was totally dependent on her. Suddenly died of a cerebral embolism. Disoriented, I isolated myself and began to develop constant disturbances at the level of checks. That is, checked thousends times if the tap was closed, the doors were locked, the lights were off, if the furniture were clean, the windows were open ... Finally, a number of situations that left me completely dependent on rituals . How to lose a lot of time to do each check, inevitably ended up losing my job. My family helped me promptly and handled everything so I went into treatment in this center, "was the best to deal with this problem" as they were keen to stress. And do not be fooled. For six months I lost these rituals and I ended up getting rid of them once and for all. I recovered my job and moved on. This center has made a difference in my life and acted in time. I'll never forget how I learned here.

Ana Filipa

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