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Clean up bleeding

I decided to give my testimony, but without having the courage to break anonymity, because I come here to count, is very painful. I had a loving relationship with a violent man, which lasted five years. Initially it was all roses, but with advancing time, the bad temper came to him from above and began to beat me.Ainda stand it for three years until I gained courage and ended the relationship. I talked to my family who supported me and it showed in the face of revelations shocked that they did. My ex did not accept this decision as well and one day caught me alone at night back home. It took me by force to a dead end street and raped me. I only wanted to scream, but the truth is that I had no reaction. Finally, let me lifeless and abandoned in the street as if it were an animal ... A lady helped me and was seen in the hospital. He was accused of the act and subsequently arrested, only that the trauma will never leave me out of memory. From there began a problem anymore, because she spent her days washing and disinfecting me me. In the bath it took a good three hours, was always behind and wipes with ethyl alcohol. I even have several wounded in both body scrub. The human touch has left existir.A truth is that I developed an obsessive compulsive disorder that had to be locked. I got this treatment center and passed bad times, but I managed to regain balance in life. Admittedly, I'm still in the habit of personal hygiene, but in a controlled manner and no longer affects my life. I know one day I will go back to being me and every day I'm more sure of it. Living one day at a time ...

Joana, Portugal

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