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Cleaning unbridled

My mother always taught me to be a very tidy girl. When the Sabbath came, woke up early to start cleaning the house. He was only five years old when this habit started, but never got mudar.Mesmo in adolescence, when he came home late on Friday, I knew I had to wake up on Saturday to pack everything up with my mother. It was exhausting, but I like to see and know everything clean. The worst is that after we were both impossible and intolerant, with whom all dirty something. Ended up being counter-intuitive, because we were cleaning to get people, but then we received someone was panic because we did not want anything dirty. Poor Dad had to live with this tragedy, only knew live with it and avoided the upset us máximo.Quando left home to go overseas to study, I had the luck to live alone, so the house was always impeccable. However, the increase in income led me to having to share the house and then the drama began. My colleague was a sign, too messed up and despite your room, it was chaotic, we had to divide the spaces, which made me a nervous franja.Assim, began to impose rules, but she did not meet . Already desperate and not knowing what to do, I started to clean it up when she fell asleep. Reached a time when he was completely exhausted and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The discussions at the house were a constant, until I decided to drive home. When I found myself alone, I reflected and realized that possibly I was not doing well is that, even with no one at home, she spent her days doing limpezas.Falei psychologist with an aunt that I forwarded to the center. Here I managed to control and deal with the root of my problem. He suffered from an obsessive compulsive disorder, which urgently needed to control. At first, I wanted to clean everything in the center and had attacks of bad temper whenever he saw something messed up. I confess I do not know how to have patience to put up with me, but the truth is they had. All were tireless and gradually learned to relax and be less obsessive and controlling. My whole life changed in just six months and today I know that only now began to be happy ...


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