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Damn dirt

Villa Ramadas could end my biggest phobia: the dirt. Many people laugh when I tell them this, but it's really true. I even have panic attacks to see a single spot of dust. Since childhood I was accustomed to help my mother to do house cleaning. Even with things to shine, there was always something for even more clear. The house cleaner for he was, for me it was and if someone came and desarrumava something or soiled, made an effort not to scold. Hardly a person would I get out there with the dust cloth ago. My father was "past" with the situation, since he was the biggest victim. Our quarrels were frequent, because I felt he did not respect the work I had to leave everything clean. Never was relaxed and went to someone's house and saw dirt, there would I clean, and even offend people. And so it was up to my 16 years that I actually felt he had more than 50 years ... Never relax or unwind, went so far to disinfect it with alcohol and riding with gloves at home. I felt exhausted and began to lose the will to live. My days, when not in class, were spent at home doing cleaning. On its own initiative, sought help and found the solution in the clinic. I confess that the beginning was desperate, I wanted to be locked in the room to clean it up. The mess around me made me mad. Having to live with so many people was torture. But gradually I was handing me the treatment I was doing the work and began to relax more. The cleaning is no longer my priority. I learned to appreciate other things in life. Six months were very intense, but every day was a new victory. The home visits were not easy, because that was when my phobia wanted to excel, but there I could control the situação.Já spent four years, I am living alone and is sure to have my home always clean, but I no longer take sleep go to sleep with the dishes to wash ...

Cátia Antunes

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