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Forced obsessive

He could not fail to come here to thank you for writing to this treatment center, who did so much my dear daughter, who suffered so much and I believe that still continues to suffer, even though I have learned to deal with situação.Pobre passionate, dated with a boy who was his great love of childhood. When he reached the age of 20, crossed with him the way to work and thereafter lost no more connection. They dated five years, until she ended the relationship. Father and I we were surprised by this, because I always had liked the boy. She hid the true reasons for the separation, saying only that they no longer loved him and wanted to follow a new course of the vida.Ainda urged to consider, but she was determined. For a month he walked calmly, went to college classes just to go out and drink a coffee or a movie. One day, I was asleep and was awakened with a call from the hospital, my daughter had been hospitalized. In a panic, nor did I remember to ask what was going on, just wanted to send me to go to her and protect her. When she learned she had been raped by former boyfriend, was to die. How he had managed to deceive so, with that air of well-behaved young man? In shock, we immediately complained to the police and was arrested imediato.A my daughter when she returned home was another. He spent his days taking a bath for endless hours and disinfect themselves. She had always been a caring person, would not allow anyone to touch. With so much cleaning and disinfecting, walked with the body in the wound. He had developed an obsessive compulsive disorder and needed urgent help. Entered this treatment center, which gave me back my girl. Less innocent, but more open to human contact. After still have suffered from the disorder for two years, was a relief to have her back. He faced the past and enjoyed the good things he gave this treatment. Grew by force, but with enormous courage and will to live and be happy. Continues to have support from therapists, whenever she feels going down. It's been a fighter and could not be more than proud of my girl-woman.

Maria, Portugal

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