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Obsessive guilt

My boyfriend suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder a year ago and is recovering. When I met was a caring person, very concerned, who always had a smile. A tragedy has befallen her life, when the house where he lived with his parents caught fire, and his mother died. It was awful and as much as firefighters have determined the cause of the fire a gas leak, there was no way to convince them that had not been guilty. But that just had not found gas hobs, left him with a guilty conscience. As much as we told you could not have done, "ias see why the nozzles, if you had never done?", Yet he gave himself as guilty. The situation calmed down and there we were living together. He was out and spent the day checking everything over and over until you can not stand anymore. It was the front door was locked, the windows were locked, if the switches were turned off, if the gas was shut ... And he repeated these actions invariadas times. I managed to cope for three years, until I asked him to take time and it is this complicated centro.Foi being separate, but for the sake of our sanity, he had to deal with and the truth is he could win the fight against the disease. Back home, our relationship is even stronger.

Agnés, Greece

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