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Living to work

I had a friend who has always lived for the job. Always wanted to combine something that never could. He gradually moving away from all friends, which saddened me, as we had grown up together and felt a special affection for him.

Complicit in many things, I felt it when got a job right you stole at least 16 hours per day. After 30 years of friendship, we were more distant, until we lost contact.

Five years later, our paths crossed, he had a stroke recently and was still recovering. Struggled to quit smoking and wanted to redo his life, but did not feel strong enough. It cost me much to see him so I decided to help him fight his addiction work.

I told him this center and everything changed in his life. We became close again and we ended up having an affair, which is about to bear a child.

Today he is aware that there are more important things in life than work and get these "things" in his heart, able to balance life.
Since leaving treatment that saw him smile so genuine, as if someone had taken a weight off. You have returned him the joy of life and me.


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