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Work, work and more work

When I married my husband worked as brand manager of a multinational. I knew I had a very busy life, but at least the end-to-week could be together. I was glad we have at least these two days, although he going to sleep or slumber.

They rarely went out, especially in winter and the beginning was good, but with the advance of years started to get bored. All chores were in my charge, as he left the house at 07:30 and arrived at 23h, completely worn out and no patience for talk. Gradually, we were failing to communicate and sex were less frequent. I approached him a few times because I was to see our marriage to fall apart and would not feel that they had fought. He promised me he would always change, but not changed, in fact the situation worsened visibly.

He understood the responsibility he had, but thought he was becoming addicted, coming to bring work home. We were like two strangers living in the same house and slept in the same bed. He was promoted and that meant more work, and that frequent travel abroad. I asked him to put a stop but could not, had become a workaholic and could not avoid.

I asked for a divorce and was gone for two months abroad to calm the mind. When I returned, I knew he had come for treatment at this center. I visited him and felt that there was hope and I was not wrong. With each passing month was more quiet, with new goals for our lives.
I gave him a new opportunity and has been very good. I got a new husband, with an eight-hour working day, and I am pregnant with our first child.

Thanks for all the support you gave us ...

Filipa, Portugal

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