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Fear of driving

Three years ago I had a car accident that left me unable to drive temporarily. I was so traumatized that passed all my fear for my girlfriend. She was the one who transported me and I was always saying to her “… do not get so close, brake slowly…”. Since then she has created an enormous level of anxiety and was afraid of driving, which was difficult to deal with, since even to go work, she depended on the car. She took sick leaves, until she got fired. She spent the day crying, not knowing how to deal with this phobia that tormented her so much. She resented me, because she felt that I had triggered this behaviour. Our relationship deteriorated, and to save her, I convinced her to go with me to this centre. She immediately identified herself with some patients and agreed to start the treatment. Whenever I visited her, I felt a tremendous development and even our emotions were increased. I managed to get my girlfriend back, but more importantly she has regained her self-confidence and increased her self-esteem... It's amazing how a treatment of only six months, can change a whole way of facing life.

Paulo, Guimarães

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