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Phobia - 0, Love - 1

I already knew that there are people who have phobia of crowds and of enclosed spaces, but falling in love with a person with this problem is another thing. Ana was always a friendly and intelligent person, the most cultured of the course. Her beauty made me crazy and since I saw that I decided to fight for her love. After a lot of court, but also of many denials (she rejected my invitations to go out and at school was always alone...), managed to win her trust. Ana told me immediately that she suffered from a phobia. I heard everything and I thought it would be easy to overcome. Everything went well, we spent a long time together, we avoided small spaces, we ran away from people, we avoid going to the cinema or concerts, dining out was rare ... but I was so in love that I would do everything. Meanwhile appeared a job offer in which she would have to travel by public transport and the torment began. Ana, who started to work at 10:00 am, picked up the bus at 06:30am to avoid the contact with people. Half an hour later she arrived at the job and stayed three hours waiting. At the end of the day she repeated the situation and always arrived home after 9:00pm. She was put in a separate room in her work. I always loved to travel, but I had to stop doing that, at least by plane. Clubs or bars do not even think about it. Even the simple act of shopping had to be well planned, because the supermarket could be loaded.
Our whole life was controlled and all because of Ana’s phobia. The situation began to be unsustainable and I told her that I could not handle it anymore and that I would end up leaving her. Ana was devastated and promised to seek help. She attended a psychologist, but it did not work. One day she saw in the program “Você na TV', the case of a woman who also suffered from the same phobia and sought help at VillaRamadas. I was not very convinced, but Ana went there and the truth is that whenever I visited I noticed improvements. Six months later, Ana seemed other person, much more relaxed and permissive. I was thrilled with such dedication and asked her to marry me. This treatment gave a new opportunity to our love. There are days when I notice that she makes an effort to control herself, but she attend the after cares and she has made it. I feel blessed to have had the help of a wonderful team who gave me back a wonderful woman.

I can only say: Thank you

Marco André

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