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Addicted to Hypnotics

My husband has always had trouble sleeping and more treatments to do, was worthless. I no longer know what to do. He did not sleep and spent the day grumpy or at home than at work. The situation was becoming unbearable. Until we tried homemade potions, but to no avail. Until one day there we found some drugs that were sold over the internet, where people who had said they were simply taken milagrosos.Claro he did not hesitate and immediately sent come from Brazil to such drugs. I even warned him, but he calmed me, saying that only took a little while until you can get a rhythm and a habit of sleeping. I trusted him, only that we dreamed bad as we were getting into. It is true that I fell asleep at a glance, only that the body was accustomed to and was gradually increasing the dose, but without contar.Começou me to spend the day sleepy, but said he preferred so that the floor without sleep. It became unbearable and with a bad temper came home he lay. Let me help with household chores and living with the family. Always made sure to help me take care of our daughter ten months, but now had no patience. I'd been desperate. Discussions at home were a constant. I endured this for three years, until leaned against the wall, or stop the medication or I left casa.Fingiu stop, but I knew that was not true, and even left home. The next day gave admitted to the right. He called me before to communicate this decision. Confessed to being addicted to pills such "miraculous". He said he would only return home if he was okay. It was a difficult attitude, but the best, because the center has changed our vida.Ele not only freed himself of drugs, such as our relationship was solidified. You still have the support of therapists who can and always goes to meetings. For the love my husband changed and greatest proof of love that this was impossible. Were our salvation and thanks to you we stand united and our daughter has all the love it deserves. Thank you for "touch" our lives so special

Maria João, Portugal

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